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Ian Wilson

Corona MotorSport Download For Pc

the game has a good interface and in the game, you will be allowed to create the cars that you want. the cars that you have created will be your car and when you start the game, you will have your car. this game is really good for android and ios users.

Corona MotorSport download for pc

  • the app is by no means a game changer, but it is a new application. there are many things i would like to see and by no means am i done with this application. some of those things are: add in-car nav and diagnostics

  • chromecast support

  • playstation and xbox support

  • other car brands

this is the very first car pc application. i've put together an application that makes it much easier to interact with the data within the apps. for now, only cars are supported, which means we can build the car of our dreams and the next iteration of the application.

while a lot of things are going on behind the scenes, the app is not the priority right now. this means it is sitting in a branch until it is released. the app is also in early in development, with some things not working quite as expected. that being said, this will be a quick update to the app.

it's no secret that every motorcycling smartphone should have navigation apps. not only do most of the motorcycling apps i have seen feature nav, but the news from car pc is that i will be making my first app that brings nav to your motorcycling smartphone. along with that, my first app will bring auto gps to your car. so in this months update to the app, i have completed my first app which brings in-car nav to the apps.


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