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Compression shirts are shirts that tighten in particular areas of your chest to strengthen your body. Short-sleeved tops tend to tighten your upper body and chest specifically, while long-sleeved ones tighten in the extremities to increase the blood flow back to your core.

Choosing the right size of compression shirts is very important before you buy one. It is crucial that the shirt is close fitting to make sure that you will get the many advantages from the compression technology. It is not really necessary for you to purchase a size that is smaller than your body size otherwise it will be too fit on you and will feel like you are wearing a tourniquet. So how do you buy compression shirts? Below are the things that you need to consider when buying one.

It mostly depends on the purpose you will be wearing it for, but in general, if you are wearing compression shirts for doing various types of sports (running, cycling, gym workout etc.) as most of us do, then the best way is to wear compression shirt on it's own without any additional shirt either under or on top of it.

Most who choose to wear compression garments (shirts/leggigns/socks) anticipate that they will experience improved circulation and mechanics. It is thought that compression garments may reduce muscle oscillations which will theoretically optimize the contraction direction of muscle fibers, resulting in improved mechanical efficiency and running kinematics. 041b061a72


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