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[S2E10] Fallout

After the washing and drying is complete, make sure to apply an aluminum protectant/wax, once to twice a year. This will fill the pores and seal against the environment. The treated surfaces will reject future staining and contamination from water, salt spray, UV sunlight, pollution, industrial fallout, marine life, and mineral buildup.

[S2E10] Fallout

The next morning, District Attorney O'Shea meets with Interim Chief Irving outside City Hall and says he intends to issue the findings of the Grand Jury testimony if Irving rescinds his report. Irving dares him to do it. O'Shea says the fallout will be intense for him and the department. Irving says he only agreed to become interim chief to honor his son and help lead the department out of its crisis but reiterates that he will not accept the position permanently, no matter who wins the election. 041b061a72

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