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Download Amrapali the Movie: The Best Way to Enjoy this Historical Drama

Outline of the article

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Amrapali the movie full download: How to watch this classic historical drama online


  • What is Amrapali the movie about?

  • Who are the main actors and director?

  • Why is it considered a classic of Hindi cinema?

  • What are some of the awards and nominations it received?

  • How can you watch it online legally and safely?

The plot of Amrapali the movie

  • A brief summary of the story

  • The historical and cultural context of the film

  • The themes and messages of the film

  • The dramatic war scenes and distinctive costumes

  • The anti-war sentiment and Buddhist influence

The cast and crew of Amrapali the movie

  • Vyjayanthimala as Amrapali: The legendary dancer and courtesan who falls in love with an enemy king

  • Sunil Dutt as Ajatashatru: The king of Magadh who invades Vaishali to capture Amrapali

  • Prem Nath as Senapati: The general of Magadh who plots against Vaishali with Ajatashatru

  • Lekh Tandon as the director: The acclaimed filmmaker who adapted the story from ancient texts and traditions

  • Shankar-Jaikishan as the music composers: The legendary duo who created the memorable songs and background score for the film

  • Bhanu Athaiya as the costume designer: The Oscar-winning artist who designed the authentic and colorful costumes for the film

How to watch Amrapali the movie online

  • The legal and safe ways to stream or download Amrapali the movie online

  • The platforms that offer Amrapali the movie for rent, purchase, or subscription

  • The benefits and drawbacks of each option

  • The tips and tricks to enhance your viewing experience

  • The alternatives to Amrapali the movie if you are looking for similar films


  • A summary of the main points of the article

  • A call to action for the readers to watch Amrapali the movie online

  • A recommendation for other historical dramas or Bollywood movies to watch next


  • Q: When was Amrapali the movie released?

  • A: Amrapali was released in 1966.

  • Q: Is Amrapali based on a true story?

  • A: Amrapali is based on the life of a historical figure named Amrapali, who was a dancer and courtesan in ancient India.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Amrapali and her time period?

A: You can find more information about Amrapali and her time period on Wikipedia or other online sources.

Amrapali the movie full download


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