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Real Beats Studio Serial Number

Pull back the rubber flap covering the ports on the back of your speaker. The serial number is printed on the inside of the flap. It begins with RAVE, followed by more letters and numbers. Learn about the Beats Pill XL speaker recall program.

Real Beats Studio Serial Number

To find the serial or model number for the Beats Solo Pro, you will need to expand the headband and look on the inside of the slider that is above the left ear cup. For other Beats headphones, you will need to expand the headband and look on the inside of the slider above the right earcup. With the serial number you can enter it here at to find your model number. Some Beats headphones will have the model number printed in this same location. The model number is also located on the packaging near the barcode.

The serial number can help you with the warranty or check if your Beats Studio is an original or not. When you contact a support center, they will generally request for the serial number which can be found on your headphones or on the box that came when you bought your Beats Studio.

Generally, most of the serial numbers of Beats Studio are printed on the package. This can be found near the barcode section. If the numbers are too small, try to check it using a magnifying glass. You can also take a photo of it using your phone and try to zoom it out.

The serial numbers of original Beats Studio earphones are normally located on the cable. You might notice a small nub where you can make adjustments to the length of the cable. Try to move the cords and make it longer and search for the serial numbers on the loop.

I trashed the beats packaging a long time USB s/n is shown in the about this mac in the system reports section. the UBREAKIFIX store also could not find a serial number.Is this a lost cause?

The biggest giveaway that my Beats Studio Wireless were fake was the serial number. On REAL Beats, the serial number is on the right ear. On my Fake Beats, the serial number was on my left ear. That was my first clue that the serial number proved that my Beats were fake. However, the actual number and the things around the number all looked real.

Should my beats earphones suppose to have different serial numbers or codes between them? I am using beats studio buds, the case's and the box's serial numbers are identical but the earphones' numbers (or serial numbers I really don't know what they are referring to) look different and I am not sure if they are serial numbers too. Can you help me to spot whether they are fake or not? With AirPods, as far as I know, we should check earphones too. However, with beats, I do not know what to do. Please help me to get over this. Lots of love!

If you have a pair of Beats headphones that don't have Apple's W1 or H1 chip on board then you'll need to find the serial number of your Beats headphones and then contact Apple Support in order to try and locate them.

We'll cover the most obvious signs of a counterfeit product that you can spot by sight. This includes how the headphones are packaged, the accessories included in the box, and their serial number. However, we won't cover more thorough tests such as their frequency response or noise isolation capabilities. If you're wondering how fake headphones perform compared to the original, real products, you can check out our article here.

The most trustworthy way to identify fake products is to check the serial number. You can also try to register the headphones with the manufacturer or retailer. Not all manufacturers or retailers give you this option, but if you can find a serial number, always register the headphones to confirm that your headphones are new and unused. The serial number is often on the box, but in some cases, it can be hidden on the headphones themselves, as shown in the pictures below.

Here's a table of all the serial numbers of the headphones we tested for this article. Each of the genuine headphones have a serial number that passes verification. However, all of the fake headphones fail verification. Note that there isn't a way to verify the authenticity of the Apple EarPods' serial number.

*For the fake Beats headphones in this comparison, we noticed that the serial number on the box didn't match the serial number on the headphones. This isn't the case for the real Beats models. This means that if you do get the chance to compare the serial numbers before purchase, you can easily find out if the headphones are fake.

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