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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson

No Cd Crack For Sims 2 University ((BETTER))

we have a computer question here. my son has bought games with the ea packs with the ea stuff on them. they were installed to the regular drive (c) and work fine. however when he logs on to play the game then the ea loading screen comes up but as soon as it does the game crashes (with the crash manager coming up). then if he tries to close the game he gets an error message. this happens with every game he has had from the ea packs or any game. he has had them installed in drive c for 2 years now.

No Cd Crack For Sims 2 University

so my son (11) has had the sims 2 ultimate edition since the day it came out. today we started out the day with sim 4 and playing in the game. he had all options checked in the graphical options to make sure that everything was good. after about 2 hours he was ready to play again with the sims. however instead of loading the game up the in game splash screen says that the sims 2 was deleted. i went and looked at the computer and sure enough it wasn't there. the only thing on the system that was there was the sims 3. i started to panic and started looking online for a solution. i came across a lot of forums and people having the same issue that he is. someone mentioned that they had to uninstall it and then reinstall it. even though i had uninstalled it before i was wondering if there was another option. when i opened up the sims 3 folder it told me that the game wasn't there and i wasn't allowed to download anything to fix it. i've seen other people on other forums tell them to simply do that and their game will start up. after talking to a few other people they told me that the only way to really fix it is to do an "unguided" reinstall. i wasn't sure what that was so i went to the computer instruction manual. i found a page with all the different things that could cause this problem. i was reading that when you are in the sims 3 folder on the computer and you double click on the desktop icon to start the game you will still have to uninstall the game before you can reinstall it.


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