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City Racing: A Sandbox Car Racing Game with Many Challenges and Upgrades for Windows 7 - Free Download

Car Racing Game Download for PC Windows 7 Filehippo

If you are looking for some adrenaline-pumping action on your PC, you might want to try some car racing games. Car racing games are one of the most popular genres of video games, as they offer thrilling speed, realistic physics, stunning graphics, and diverse challenges. Whether you want to race against other players online, customize your own car, or explore an open-world city, there is a car racing game for you.

But where can you find the best car racing games for PC? One of the most reliable sources is Filehippo. Filehippo is a website that provides free software downloads for Windows, Mac, and Android devices. It has a large collection of games, including racing games, that you can download safely and easily. Filehippo also offers reviews, ratings, screenshots, and technical details for each game, so you can make an informed decision before downloading.

car racing game download for pc windows 7 filehippo

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In this article, we will review the top 3 car racing games for PC Windows 7 Filehippo. We will look at their storyline, races, gameplay, and comparison table. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which car racing game suits your preferences and expectations.

Top 3 Car Racing Games for PC Windows 7 Filehippo

City Racing

City Racing is a sandbox car racing game for Windows. This free game offers a wide range of cars to pick from and has many challenges to keep you engaged. It features several opponents, corrupt cars and illegal street racing for an authentic and chaotic racing experience.


You first arrive in the city in a beat-up car. At the mechanic shop, youre introduced to your objectives. You drive around the vast map looking for events and missions while solving challenges to earn money to upgrade cars. Youll need to win races to make real money, which means youll have to participate in illegal street racing. Earn cash, upgrade cars and increase your rankings to make it to the leaderboard and earn rewards.


City Racing has two types of races; you can either race opponents in the streets or race against time. The level of difficulty changes with each race, and not hitting civilians earns you bonus points. Destroying police cars earns you rewards as well, and once you have enough, you can upgrade the transmission, tires, body and engine of your car or buy a brand new one.


You use the minimap in the left corner to locate events, garages and races and evade the police. Driving too fast attracts the police. You can escape them by driving away or changing the colour of your car at a garage. Evasion earns you multiple rewards. Exploring the city helps you better navigate the streets and learn about the characters. You also get a better feel for handling your car to make sharp turns and break quickly. Once you get the hang of driving, you can enter your first race. Your fancy driving will assist you in destroying your opponents and keep on winning.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is one of the most iconic and successful car racing game franchises of all time. It has been around since 1994 and has released over 20 titles, each with its own theme, story, and gameplay. The latest installment, Need for Speed: Heat, was released in 2019 and is set in a fictional city called Palm City, where street racers compete in both legal and illegal events.


You play as a newcomer to the city, who joins a crew of street racers led by Lucas Rivera, a former racer and mechanic. You have to prove yourself in various races and challenges, while also avoiding the corrupt cops who are out to bust you. You can choose your own path and style, whether you want to be a day racer or a night rebel. You can also customize your character and your car to suit your preferences.

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Need for Speed: Heat has two types of races; day and night. During the day, you can participate in sanctioned events that reward you with cash and reputation. You can use the cash to buy new cars and parts, or upgrade your existing ones. During the night, you can join illegal street races that reward you with more reputation and heat. The higher your heat level, the more aggressive the cops will be, but also the more rewards you will get if you escape. You can also find collectibles and secrets around the city, or challenge other players online.


You use the map to find races and events, or follow the story missions. You can switch between day and night at any time, but be careful of the cops who will chase you if they spot you breaking the law. You can use various tactics to evade them, such as hiding, ramming, or using gadgets. You can also use nitrous to boost your speed and drift to earn more points. The game features realistic physics and graphics, as well as dynamic weather and lighting effects.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends is a mobile car racing game that was released in 2018 for iOS and Android devices. It is the ninth main entry in the Asphalt series, which is known for its arcade-style racing and stunning visuals. It features over 100 licensed cars from famous brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and more. It also has a variety of tracks and modes to choose from.


You start as a rookie racer who joins a club of legends led by Sofia Martinez, a renowned racer and influencer. You have to complete various seasons and events to earn reputation and unlock new cars and tracks. You can also join multiplayer races and compete with other players around the world.


Asphalt 9: Legends has four types of races; classic, elimination, hunted, and time attack. In classic races, you have to finish first among eight racers. In elimination races, the last racer is eliminated every 10 seconds until only one remains. In hunted races, you have to escape from the police who are trying to stop you. In time attack races, you have to beat a set time limit. Each race has different objectives and rewards that you can achieve.


You use the touch screen or tilt controls to steer your car. You can also use the nitro button to boost your speed and the brake button to drift or perform stunts. The game features a new mechanic called TouchDrive, which allows you to focus on the action by automatically steering your car. You can also customize your car with different colors, decals, rims, and parts.

Comparison Table of the Top 3 Car Racing Games for PC Windows 7 Filehippo







City Racing






Need for Speed: Heat






Asphalt 9: Legends







In conclusion, car racing games are a great way to enjoy some fun and excitement on your PC. You can download some of the best car racing games for PC Windows 7 Filehippo from the website. We have reviewed the top 3 car racing games for PC Windows 7 Filehippo, which are City Racing, Need for Speed: Heat, and Asphalt 9: Legends. Each game has its own storyline, races, gameplay, and features that make it unique and enjoyable. We have also compared the ratings, graphics, sound, controls, and modes of the three games in a table. Based on our review, we recommend Asphalt 9: Legends as the best car racing game for PC Windows 7 Filehippo, as it has the highest rating, excellent graphics and sound, easy to medium controls, and diverse modes. However, you can also try the other two games and see which one suits your taste better.


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