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A Guddu Ki Gun Movie Download ((TOP))

Guddu Ki Gun is the best comedy movie of kunal kumar and he is shown very well in this movie. It is a film which is based on a job of a person which is shown to take the bombs to an express way. The things of this film are based on the near future which makes the realness of this film is very high. The style in which this film is made is very interesting.

a Guddu Ki Gun movie download

My favorite thing of this film is specialy it is a fast film compared to other three rajkumar movies which is told by hero of vikramvedha. Its storyline is very interesting which is shown by the big boss and is shown from different sides of his mind.

I am not sure what was going through the mind of the director while making this movie. This movie is a total D grade in every aspect. Story.. hmmm. U must me kidding.. Still goes like this. A Playboy (Sarcasim to the word infinity) wakes up one fine morning and comes to know his manhood has turn into gold as he has been cursed by one of the family members of a girl he slept with. The entire movie is around the crap how he can return to his normal. Acting don't' expect as the characters it seems that any Tom Dick & Harry is doing whatever they want. Kunal still manages to act in some scenes rest is a forgettable stuff. Climax borrowed from Iconic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron fails miserably and leaves the audience ( If any) pulling their hair.The movie had various situations which could have made funny but in this movie the audience feel what the hell is happening.Direction - Was there a Director in the movie.1Acting - Haaa Haaa. Still 2 for Kunal's histrionics.Music and all departments please forget while watching this movie.Bottom line you need to have Guts if you can watch it in full as I had & now I am regretting.

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