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I don't get "At first I thought this was a misplaced tribute to the ending of 'The Exorcist,' as if the climactic action of that film represented a heroic defeat of the Devil rather than a capitulation to him and a failure to trust in God. " Wasn't the priest's suicide at the end of The Exorcist a Christ-like sacrifice of his life for another, and therefore a triumph?

the nun

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Background: Numerous studies have linked dementia to the subsequent deterioration of oral health. Few investigators, however, have examined oral disease as a potential risk factor in the development of dementia. The authors conducted a study to investigate a potential association between a history of oral disease and the development of dementia.

Methods: Longitudinal dental records supplemented data collected from 10 annual cognitive assessments of 144 Milwaukee participants in the Nun Study, a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer disease, who were 75 to 98 years old. Neuropathologic findings at autopsy were available for 118 participants who died.

Sister Mary, the gold standard for the Nun Study, was a remarkable woman who had high cognitive test scores before her death at 101 years of age. What is more remarkable is that she maintained this high status despite having abundant neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques, the classic lesions of Alzheimer's disease. Findings from Sister Mary and all 678 participants in the Nun Study may provide unique clues about the etiology of aging and Alzheimer's disease, exemplify what is possible in old age, and show how the clinical expression of some diseases may be averted.

Knowledge about Valak is attributable to the Lesser Key of Solomon, a 17th century grimoire that identifies the major players of Hell (and for Hereditary fans is the source of knowledge about the demon King Paimon). Valak is referred to as the Great President of Hell, described as choosing to look like a small, winged child. Valak is often pictured riding a two-headed dragon and commanding 30 legions of demons. Valak is said to be on the stronger side, willing to share strength and knowledge to devoted magical practitioners.

If Valak often appears as a winged child and maybe is sometimes in the form of the Crooked Man, why take the form of a nun? Surely The Nun will explain the history of Valak at the monastery, which may well explain its connection to that form in the Conjuring movie universe. Beyond that, there are two answers: the real-world answer and the mythological one.

Zack O'Malley Greenburg is senior editor of media & entertainment at Forbes and author of four books, including A-List Angels: How a Band of Actors, Artists and Athletes Hacked Silicon Valley and the Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind. Zack's work has also appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Billboard, Sports Illustrated, Vibe, McSweeney's and the Library of Congress. In over a decade at Forbes, he has investigated topics from Wu-Tang Clan's secret album in Morocco to the return of tourism in post-conflict Sierra Leone to the earning power of Hip-Hop's Cash Kings, writing cover stories on subjects ranging from Richard Branson to Ashton Kutcher to Katy Perry. A former child actor, Zack played the title role in the film Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and arrived at Forbes in 2007 after graduating from Yale with an American Studies degree. For more, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, newsletter and via Got a tip on a music, media & entertainment story? Send it over via SecureDrop. Instructions here:

I cover hip-hop, pop, and R&B releases for Forbes, and have been interviewing artists and producers from every corner of the entertainment industry since 2017. I've been an avid consumer of music my whole life, and I make it both a personal and professional priority to highlight the work of marginalized groups. Other interests include distance running, The Legend of Zelda, and yerba mate. 041b061a72


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