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Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson

El Debarge Midi Files |VERIFIED|

I bought the midi files for this song online and assigned synthesizers and effects, then mixed it ... all inside of Logic Pro.I removed the melody line to highlight and study the supporting structures which amaze me. I sing the melody line in my head while listening to it. The perfect psychic karaoke!

El Debarge Midi Files

Check out other sections of Jay's site for additional info on for instance Grammy Awards and Nominations that Jay has received over the years, the more than 300 songs that he has composed, the ever growing HUGE discography and of course, you can listen to sound bites, check out charts, midi files, supporter transcription etc. on other sections as well.

This multi-talented musician is also a great singer. Just listen to Jay on the AIRPLAY/Airplay album, as well as on the JaR/SCENE 29 album, on which he is the lead singer of some of the songs. However, Jay often prefers to leave the singing to other artists he is working with in projects like e.g. PLANET 3 and AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET. On the mp3 files the sound quality is reduced. Purchasing the "real thing", i.e. the albums, will of course, give you top quality. 350c69d7ab


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