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Stars At Noon (2022)

A contagious and capricious work from Denis, Stars at Noon stars Margaret Qualley as Trish, a down-on-her-luck journalist living and working in Nicaragua. Her work, though, takes the form of anything but journalism. She has not written in ages. And the editors with whom she has worked (including John C. Reily in a fun cameo) no longer trust her to deliver the goods. Trish has friends in high places, but none seem willing to help her. In fact, one of them, a member of the military with whom she has a sexual relationship, steals her passport. She is stranded in the country, willing to do anything she can to get the cash and means to return to the United States.

Stars at Noon (2022)

Parents need to know that Stars at Noon is a romantic thriller, set against a backdrop of political unrest between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and features sex with nudity, strong language, and constant threat. The film stars Margaret Qualley as Trish, an American journalist who begins an affair with Daniel (Joe Alwyn), a British businessman, who Trish thinks is her best way of getting out of Nicaragua. There is an underlying sense of threat throughout -- armed guards are seen on the streets and dangerous scenes portrayed near the border. Characters are shot dead with bodies shown. Set during the COVID pandemic, characters wear masks and take PCR tests. Sex is portrayed numerous times, with breasts and full nudity from behind shown. Money also exchanges hands after sex. Language includes "f--k" and "s--t," and characters smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol throughout most of the film, appearing drunk on occasion. The movie is adapted form a 1986 novel by Denis Johnson.

A24 romantic thriller directed by Claire Denis. Stars at Noon (2022) follows Trish (Margaret Qualley), a young American journalist stranded in present-day Nicaragua, who falls for Daniel (Joe Alwyn), an enigmatic Englishman, who seems like her best chance of escape. However, she soon realizes that he may be in even greater danger than she is.

Margaret Qualley stars as Trish, an American woman trapped in Nicaragua who is forced to question her own motives when a wealthy Englishman appears to offer her a lifeline. The opening scenes strike a strange tone as increasingly tense situations are offset by a light jazz score. It's perhaps symbolic of Trish's situation. She's often truly in peril, trapped by a foreign regime with no way home ... but her blasé attitude makes it appear as though it's just another Tuesday. 041b061a72


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