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Bid Or Buy Furniture

Some furniture will need chemical strippers to remove layer upon layer of paint or varnish, whereas others will thrive with a little antique wax. Simply by repairing, refinishing, and reupholstering pieces you can transform overlooked treasures into elegant pieces for a home.

bid or buy furniture


It may seem impossible to find potential in a shop full of old furniture, many of them on their last legs - literally. But with a little imagination and some elbow grease - anything is possible. A little cosmetic work is an easy fix, but some bargains cost more to fix than you may realize. Learn what can be easily repaired, and when you should just walk away.

Buying and restoring second hand furniture gives you a sense of satisfaction for having taken something that was ugly and useless and making it a part of a room in your home. For me, there is nothing that rivals the joy of stripping off layered wax, paint or varnish and revealing the original beauty of a piece of furniture.

The last time I came across a group of furniture that excited me this much, I self-published a book about it, Eames + Valastro: Design in the Life of an American Family. This collection is the perfect companion to that group.

In Eames + Valastro, I documented nine examples of Eames designs, which were acquired by a young couple with their wedding dowry. This couple, Sal and Gladys Valastro, lived with this furniture for 55 years, and that included moves to three different states and raising two young boys. In 55 years, the only thing that happened to the furniture was the knobs on one Eames Storage Unit had to be replaced, because after twenty years of two little boys pulling on the drawer knobs, they broke.

Renowned architect Craig Ellwood selected all of the pieces for the interior, with the probable exception of the bed, which he seems to have designed himself. The owners of the home saved all of the original sales receipts, which is the Holy Grail for serious antique collectors. Without such, dating modern design is no better than guesswork. Some collectors like to imagine they can date a piece by looking at the markings or certain labels, but the fact is, the makers of these goods made them to order for particular customers. In many instances, the markings were the same for five to ten years, and labels can fall off. That we have this documentation is particularly important with Herman Miller designs, because such can in many ways be thought of as bespoke furniture. Each Herman Miller piece is made to order for a particular customer.

The Hunts worked closely with Craig Ellwood even after they occupied the house and had used this furniture for a while. After several years, the Eames Compact Sofa needed new upholstery (sun and sea air will do that) and Ellwood arranged to have Herman Miller reupholster it. There are a few other instances where the original manufacturer did original repairs.

In general, the cost of moving a studio to a city 1,000 miles away is about $1,500, while a two-bedroom is $3,500 on the low end. That $2,000 difference is about the same as shipping 5-7 pieces of furniture (the cost drops with more items). So, it seems that the more furniture you have, the cheaper the moving van route becomes.

We offer a full range of loans to meet your personal financial needs, all with competitive rates and flexible terms. Our loans range from Auto, RV and Boat Loans to Personal Loans you can use to buy furniture or appliances, consolidate bills or even travel. See a member of our lending staff today.

Our Client Services Department maintains a list of professionals who provide a wide variety of repair services for furniture, paintings, jewelry, glass, porcelain, silver, rugs and many other categories.

August 7: There will be One Auction instead of two ringsFor many years, the Relief Sale has sold in two rings, however, due to space limitations in the Event Center, in 2021 there will only be one auction. Quilts, furniture, tools and the large item donations will alternate selling approximately every half hour. The Auction will have live in-person bidding as well as secure online remote bidding via Proxibid.

In addition to a variety of locally crafted furniture, Special Features in 2021 include five one-night stays at the any Carlisle Inn, a Dutcher Door Garage Door, a Ferris and Skag lawn mower and a certificate from Home Appliance. Items can be previewed at or at 4pm on Friday evening. For questions on Special Features, please contact Paul Bontrager at 330-957-9925.

For the purposes of this category, furniture includes but is not limited to conference furniture (includes seating and tables), residence hall furniture, general purpose tables, high density filing, household furniture, library furniture, office furniture (includes bookcases, case goods, lounge, seating, and tables), school furniture (includes cafeteria tables), specialty seating, systems furniture and other similar items that conform to the specifications.

Furniture can impact the environment and create health concerns for building occupants due to emissions from glues, stains and finishes; and chemicals added to products. Also, excess packaging can introduce environmental impacts and furniture may vary in the amount of recycled content incorporated into the product. Some vendors have recognized this and have changed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials. New York State should use its purchasing power to support and foster further development of this activity.

Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) Level Certification Program - This certification is based on the ANSI/BIFMA e3 standard, co-developed by a multi-stakeholder group of manufacturers, government representatives, nonprofits, architects and others, and coordinated by BIFMA, the furniture industry trade association. The Level certification indicates that a product and its manufacturer meet the criteria of the e3 standard and have been certified by an independent third party. For more information visit the Level website at:

SCS Indoor Advantage and Indoor Advantage Gold - This is a certification program run by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). It addresses the chemical emissions of furniture that affect indoor air quality. Certification to this standard means that the product meets the requirements of the ANSI/BIFMA X7.1 Standard for Formaldehyde and TVOC Emissions. For more information visit the SCS Indoor Advantage website at: -air-quality-certification

Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (TB 117-2013) - The intent of this California standard is to produce upholstered furniture which is safer from the hazards associated with smoldering ignition. This standard provides methods for smolder resistance of cover fabrics, barrier materials, resilient filling materials, and decking materials for use in upholstered furniture. For more information visit California's Department of Consumer Affairs website at:

Technical Bulletin 133 (TB 133) - This California flammability test procedure is designed to test seating furniture for use in occupancies that are identified as or considered to be public occupancies. For more information visit California's Department of Consumer Affairs website at:

Affected entities are encouraged to consider surplus property before purchasing furniture from other sources. NY State Finance Law Article 11 167 regarding surplus property requires NYS Office of General Services to redistribute furniture that it receives as surplus, before utilizing take-back, recycling, or other options for disposition of any units that are still in operable condition. This standard requires transfer of usable equipment to other state agencies, education institutions and municipalities, prior to declaration of equipment as surplus or waste. Guidelines for registering for and handling surplus property can be found at: State Surplus Property Program

Entities are encouraged to consider refurbished furniture to the maximum extent practicable without jeopardizing the performance or intended end use of the product. Refurbished or remanufactured furniture is required to be restored to original performance standards and functions, meeting the requirements of this specification to the extent possible.

Furniture can be made of many materials including wood, plastic, plastic composite, aluminum, and steel. Affected entities shall purchase furniture products that meet at least one of the performance areas (High Recycled Content, Sustainably Sourced, Low Emitting) per the criteria outlined below. To the extent that purchasers are procuring furniture that falls within the scope of emission testing protocols they are encouraged to procure furniture that meets the Low Emitting standard below.

Purchasers of upholstered furniture shall consult with applicable fire codes and agency policies to determine whether the furniture purchase needs to comply with California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 (TB 117-2013), California Technical Bulletin 133 (TB 133), or ASTM E1537.

To the extent that applicable fire codes and agency policies allow, agencies shall purchase upholstered furniture that complies with TB 117-2013. For upholstered furniture compliant with TB 117-2013, furniture shall be free of intentionally added flame retardant chemicals, excluding electrical components. Further, all upholstered furniture complying with TB 117-2013 shall be labeled consistent with the manner described in Section 19094 of the California Business and Professions Code as of September 1, 2016, and shall be labeled as not containing flame retardant chemicals.

Upholstered furniture complying with TB 133 or ASTM E1537 shall only be purchased when specifically required by applicable fire codes or agency policy. For upholstered furniture compliant with TB 133 or ASTM E1537, furniture shall be free of intentionally added halogenated flame retardant chemicals, excluding electrical components. Additionally, it is encouraged to procure upholstered furniture made with non-halogenated flame retardants that have been fully assessed using GreenScreen v1.2 or newer and meet the criteria for benchmark 2, 3, or 4. Also, purchasers are encouraged to have the manufacturer identify which components of the furniture contain added flame retardant chemicals and provide information on the flame retardant chemicals used. 041b061a72

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