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Anton Stepanov
Anton Stepanov

Lethargy 16x [EXCLUSIVE]

This is a special therapeutic grade mala, that is worn for health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, sexual weakness, lethargy, irritability, depression, and negative mood. It is able to be dipped in water for creating a very healing water. It is specially coated to be worn for long period of times, with the very slow and gentle transdermal homeopathic exposure to special rasayana herbs and medical grade alchemically cleansed parad and silver. This is also a special parad for concentration and focus for scholarship and students, or for the brain fog or senility in growing old. According to ancient texts and literature available for Mercury Metal (Parad Dhatu), apart from being the only metal in the universe to exist in liquid state at room temperature and possessing highest density, Parad Dhatu also possesses the vital property of mobility i.e.(Chanchalatva), hence its resemblance is directly proportional to human mind, which fluctuates incessantly and is unstable in decision making capacity which affects an individual Mentally, Physically, Financially and Intellectually in personal life. This is also a japa mala and can be used to empower for specific healing purposes with special mantra, you can contact us for appropriate mantra from our Guru and Siddha Master doctor.

Lethargy 16x



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