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Ultimate adopts a semantic versioning system (major.minor.patch), meaning each update is categorized based on its significance. Updates that introduce new fighters and their challenger pack change the first number (i.e. version 2.0.0). Otherwise significant updates such as new content or major game mode alterations that do not have any downloadable content attached change the second number (i.e. version 2.1.0). Smaller updates that exist solely to change the game in minor ways like character balance, bug fixes or amiibo support change the third number (i.e. version 2.1.1), though the latter two haven't always been applied consistently. When a number is changed, all numbers after it are reverted back to 0 (i.e. version 3.0.0). Compared to the simple incremental system used by Smash 4, the semantic versioning used by Ultimate allows players to more easily infer the significance of any given update at a glance. The latest and apparently final update for Ultimate was version 13.0.1, which introduced support for certain amiibo and balance updates for several playable fighters.

Coloring Pixels - Emoji Pack download dlc

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