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Anton Stepanov
Anton Stepanov

Autofluid 2009 42

autofluid is a 3d design/analysis program for designing heating/cooling and sanitary environments using one or many fluids. it includes calculation tools and facilities for whole house estimation, fluid and energy consumption calculation, pressurization, design of technical areas, etc.

autofluid 2009 42

autofluid was developed by a technical committee. its design is based on the rigours and ideas of the heating/cooling & sanitary engineering community. autofluid is not an easy-to-use program for the operations of a contractor for the heating/cooling of buildings but is accessible for all types of users. autofluid is designed to make it easy for users to build heating/cooling/sanitary systems. autofluid is also intended to be used by users who already have experience in the field of thermotechnical services.

autofluid by tracocad is the cad suite for professionals in the fields of hvac, sanitary and medical or industrial fluids. from international firms to smaller independent offices, our users made us leaders in france across the whole of the industry.

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autogine : autogine, l'outil d'analyse et de commande de profils de climatisation, de chauffage et de ventilation. autogine est un logiciel de gestion de lénergie, de la quantification de lénergie, du calcul et du contrôle de la valeur dénergie. il permet de travailler sur les horloges renouvelables et la cogénération, la circulation et lélectricité, ainsi que lachat et la location de carburant.


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