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The Complete Collection of One Piece Arc Whole Cake Island: Download Now and Enjoy the Adventure

How to Download One Piece Arc Whole Cake Island

One Piece is one of the most popular and longest-running anime series in the world, with over 1000 episodes and counting. The series follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who dreams of becoming the King of the Pirates, and his crew of diverse and quirky characters. One Piece has many story arcs, each with its own plot, villains, and themes. One of the most recent and exciting arcs is the Whole Cake Island arc, which spans from episode 783 to episode 877. In this article, we will tell you what this arc is about, why you should download it, and how you can download it legally or alternatively.

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What is One Piece Arc Whole Cake Island?

The Whole Cake Island arc is the twenty-ninth story arc of the manga and anime One Piece, and the second story arc of the Yonko Saga. It follows Luffy and his crew as they infiltrate the territory of Big Mom, one of the four most powerful pirates in the world, to rescue their friend Sanji from a forced marriage. Along the way, they encounter many dangers, allies, and secrets, as well as a plot to assassinate Big Mom herself.

The plot of the arc

The arc begins with Luffy and his crew arriving at Zou, an island on the back of a giant elephant, where they reunite with their allies, the Mink Tribe and the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. They learn that Sanji, their cook and friend, has been taken away by his family, the Vinsmoke Family, who are the leaders of Germa 66, a powerful army of superhuman soldiers. Sanji is arranged to marry Pudding, the daughter of Big Mom, as part of a political alliance between the two families. Luffy decides to go after Sanji and bring him back, despite Sanji's refusal to return. He forms a team with Nami, Chopper, Brook, Carrot, Pedro, and Pekoms, a member of Big Mom's crew who owes Luffy a favor.

The team heads to Whole Cake Island, where Big Mom resides. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and enemies, such as Big Mom's army of homies (objects and animals infused with souls), her powerful children (she has 85 in total), and her loyal subordinates. They also meet some allies, such as Jinbe, a former Warlord of the Sea who wants to join Luffy's crew; Bege, a mafia boss and one of Big Mom's subordinates who plans to kill her; and Reiju, Sanji's sister who helps him escape from his abusive family.

The climax of the arc is at the wedding ceremony of Sanji and Pudding, where Luffy and his allies crash the party and attempt to rescue Sanji and assassinate Big Mom. However, things do not go as planned, as Big Mom reveals her true power and fury. Luffy and his crew have to fight their way out of Whole Cake Island while facing Big Mom's wrath and pursuing forces.

The characters of the arc

The arc introduces many new characters, as well as some returning ones. Some of the most notable characters are:

  • Big Mom: The main antagonist of the arc. She is one of the four Yonko (Emperors) who rule over the New World. She is a massive woman with a voracious appetite and a childish personality. She has the power of the Soul-Soul Fruit, which allows to extract and manipulate the souls of living beings and objects. She is the mother of 85 children, who are also her subordinates and commanders. She rules over Totto Land, a vast archipelago of 35 islands, each with its own theme and culture. Her dream is to create a utopia where all races can live together in harmony, under her control.

  • Sanji: The deuteragonist of the arc. He is the cook and one of the main fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, a royal family that leads Germa 66, a scientific military organization that sells its services to various countries and factions. Sanji was born with a rare genetic mutation that made him a normal human, unlike his siblings who inherited superhuman abilities and emotions from their father's experiments. Sanji was abused and neglected by his family, until he ran away and became a pirate. He is forced to return to his family and marry Pudding, under the threat of his crew and his mentor being killed by Big Mom.

  • Pudding: The tritagonist of the arc. She is the 35th daughter of Big Mom and the bride-to-be of Sanji. She is a sweet and innocent girl who runs a cafe on Cacao Island, one of the islands of Totto Land. She has the power of the Memo-Memo Fruit, which allows her to manipulate memories by extracting and altering them. She is also a skilled actress and a master of deception, as she is actually a loyal agent of Big Mom who pretends to be in love with Sanji, while secretly planning to kill him and his crew at the wedding.

  • Bege: The secondary antagonist turned ally of the arc. He is one of the Worst Generation, a group of notorious rookie pirates who have made a name for themselves in the New World. He is also one of the three Sweet Commanders, the highest-ranking subordinates of Big Mom. He has the power of the Castle-Castle Fruit, which allows him to transform his body into a fortress-like structure, where he can store weapons, vehicles, and people. He is also the leader of the Fire Tank Pirates, a crew of mafia-themed pirates who follow his orders. He has a grudge against Big Mom and plots to assassinate her at the wedding, using Caesar Clown's poison gas weapon.

  • Jinbe: The ally and future member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a fish-man, a race of humanoid fish that live underwater. He is also a former Warlord of the Sea, a title given to powerful pirates who work for the World Government. He is an expert in Fish-Man Karate, a martial art that uses water as a weapon. He is also a former member of the Sun Pirates, a crew of fish-men who fought against slavery and racism. He has a deep respect and friendship with Luffy, whom he met during the Impel Down and Marineford arcs. He decides to leave Big Mom's crew and join Luffy's crew, despite Big Mom's anger and attempt to take his lifespan.

The popularity of the arc

The Whole Cake Island arc is one of the most popular and acclaimed arcs of One Piece, both in Japan and internationally. It has received praise for its story, characters, humor, action, animation, music, and themes. It has also been nominated for several awards, such as the Anime Awards 2019 for Best Fight Scene (Luffy vs Katakuri) and Best Continuing Series. It has also been ranked as one of the best arcs of One Piece by various polls and surveys . The arc has also boosted the sales and ratings of One Piece manga and anime, making it one of the most successful media franchises in history.

Why Download One Piece Arc Whole Cake Island?

Now that you know what One Piece arc Whole Cake Island is about, you might be wondering why you should download it instead of streaming it online or watching it on TV. Here are some reasons why downloading this arc is a good idea:

The benefits of downloading the arc

  • You can watch it anytime and anywhere you want, without worrying about internet connection or availability.

  • You can watch it at your own pace and skip or rewind any scenes you like or dislike.

  • You can watch it in high quality and resolution, without any buffering or lagging issues.

  • You can watch it with subtitles or dubbing in your preferred language.

  • You can watch it with your friends or family offline.

  • You can save storage space on your device by deleting or transferring the files after watching them.

The drawbacks of streaming the arc

  • You might encounter ads or pop-ups that interrupt your viewing experience.

  • You might face geo-restrictions or licensing issues that prevent you from accessing some episodes or sites.

  • You might risk exposing your device or data to malware or viruses from untrusted sources.

  • You might have to deal with low quality or resolution, depending on your internet speed or bandwidth.

  • You might have to wait for the episodes to be uploaded or updated, depending on the release schedule or availability.

  • You might use up your data plan or incur extra charges from your internet provider.

How to Download One Piece Arc Whole Cake Island?

Now that you know why you should download One Piece arc Whole Cake Island, you might be wondering how you can do it. There are two main ways to download this arc: the legal way and the alternative way. Let's take a look at each of them and their pros and cons.

The legal ways to download the arc

The legal way to download One Piece arc Whole Cake Island is to use official and licensed platforms that have the rights to distribute the anime. Some of the most popular and reliable platforms are:

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