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Megan Is Missing

Many of the videos in the #meganismissing tag on TikTok were posted within the past several days, and it appears that the film exploded on the app over the weekend of November 13. However, people had posted about the movie and their reactions to it before its biggest surge in November, with the film coming up as part of film recommendation series or in reaction videos. In early October, some users were already posting about how wished they hadn't watched it.

Megan Is Missing

Megan soon meets the boy of her dreams, a 17-year-old skater named Josh, online. Not long after that, the title comes true and Megan goes missing. Instead of learning from her friend's mistakes, Amy falls into Josh's online trap, and she ends up being taken. The film is stuffed with faux news footage detailing the girl's disappearance, further instilling this chilling feeling of authenticity. Then, in the last 20 minutes, the audience is subjected to brutal sexual violence and horrific torture that is not for the faint of heart.

In November, several videos starting circulating on TikTok with the hashtag #meganismissing. More and more people started to catch wind of the film because of the highly successful app and started posting reaction videos where many claimed to be completely "traumatized" by the film. Soon, the "Megan Is Missing Challenge" was trending all over TikTok, and the film completely exploded. It started being widely streamed in November, with DEG naming it the sixth most-watched film of the week of November 21.

However, it's not the script and acting that bothers me most. The film is sprinkled with unimportant and unrelated storylines. For instance, Amy, the best friend of the missing Megan, calls herself "pudgy" at one point. Josh, the suspect believed to have taken Megan, also calls Amy fat. Spoiler alert: she's not, and these are the only times that narrative is brought up.

Listeners: Megan Wallaby is missing. She was last seen on Saturday night, attending a party in the desert near Drainage Ditch Road. All Night Vale residents are urged to be on the lookout. Megan is a medium-sized man's hand covered in thick dark hairs. She wears a wristwatch and a pinky ring inscribed with Cyrillic, and is surgically attached to the body of a 6'10 bald Russian man. She was last seen wearing a blue halter top and jeans. If anyone has information on Megan's whereabouts, please contact her parents immediately. We will be following this story with updates as search parties continue to comb the desert. In the meantime, here's what we know so far:

The film - which is part of the 'found-footage' genre - follows the story of 14-year-old Megan and her best friend Amy. After meeting a man called Josh online and agreeing to go on a date with him Megan goes missing, leaving Amy to try and piece together what happened.

tw / rape , pedophilia , assault if any of you plan on watching megan is missing, please heed the warnings associated with the film!! i watched it a while back but had no idea it contained any of this and it really fucked with me so please take caution!!

  • Complete Monster: Josh is a disturbingly brutal example of an online predator. Josh masks himself as a charming individual as he meets the titular Megan online. Exploiting her desire to be loved, Josh convinces Megan to see him behind a diner. When she goes missing, her friend Amy decides to probe further into it, even after Josh directly threatens her. Josh ends up kidnapping Amy from under a bridge, tossing away her camera, and taking her to his cellar where the extent of his horrible deeds is revealed. Josh force-feeds Amy dog food, viciously rapes her, then shoves Amy into a barrel with Megan's rotting corpse, who he tortured to death, and buries her alive in the middle of a forest. Josh is a twisted excuse for a human being who represents the dangers of meeting people online.

  • Cult Classic: Due to its highly exploitative nature and disturbing themes, the film achieved cult status as soon as it became an internet meme among TikTok users in mid-2020.

  • Hollywood Pudgy: Amy is called fat by Josh, albeit as he's intentionally trying to make her uncomfortable. While Amy does appear to be just slightly plumper than Megan, this is a bit incompatible with the missing posters for both of them when it's shown that Megan and Amy are exactly the same weight (105 pounds).

  • Narm: During Amy's rape, it looks more like she's smiling and laughing rather than crying and shrieking, causing jokes that she's Too Kinky to Torture or the actress is trying hard not to start Corpsing.

  • Narm Charm: Arguably Josh's acting. Initially, he seems to be an awkward but gentle boy. However, in his last two calls to Amy, he gradually shifts to being extremely cold and threatening despite the arguably wooden delivery. It's rather chilling.

  • The movie itself can be this, while it's very exploitative and has some terrible moments, it has been made clear that some do appreciate the message it's going for, the tragic backstory of Megan, and the fact Goi was putting in effort in his film despite how it came out.

  • So Bad, It's Good: This film is incredibly exploitative and obviously bad, but at the same time it can be very funny to watch how bad it is.

  • Squick: The photos the FBI collected from a fetish website of Megan.

  • Megan's dead, decomposing body in the barrel...which Amy is then forced into as well and buried alive in.

  • Megan boastfully and graphically describing a time where she was mouth-raped by a camp counselor when she was 10.

  • Tear Jerker: The fates of Megan and Amy. Amy's loving parents desperately plead with the media for their daughter's safe return and Megan remains missing, but Megan's long-dead and Amy's chances of survival are nonexistent. And then the movie ends with the two girls discussing their futures...

  • Watch It for the Meme: Most viewers were attracted to the film via the TikTok memes surrounding it.

  • The Woobie: Amy. Such an insecure yet undeniably cute young girl who ends up being kidnapped, tortured, raped, and finally Buried Alive with her best (and only) friend's rotting corpse. And she's only 14.

  • Megan definitely qualifies, considering her horribly abusive childhood and home situation. All she wanted was to be loved by someone and she ended up getting herself into a far worse situation.



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